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Payspan can manage your existing paper transactions, get you to 100% paperless payments with your providers, guaranteed, and offer paperless options for your members. Find out how Payspan’s EFT network can securely automate your payments, increase provider satisfaction and reduce your administrative costs.

We are glad you are taking the journey with us. Together, we will achieve 100% electronic payments, guaranteed, allowing you to invest dollars saved in member health, rather than on printing and postage.

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Per Member Savings...

A Payspan customer with a 90% ACH adoption and 250,000 members can save $7.31 per member

Annual Savings...

and $1.8 Million annually

Growth Strategy

We set your company up for success to grow long term. No more worrying about runway or product roadmap!

Share your contact information and we will reach out to you to set up a time to discuss your needs and develop a plan for transitioning you to paperless.